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Welcome to the new ShopFunds Shopping Card Ordering Centre . Click on any of the options below for step by step instructions:

Enter a new Group order
Add more individual supporter orders to an open group order
Submit a group order
Check Status of a group order
Print an order receipt

Enter a new Group order

The following are step by step instructions for placing your bulk or group order. Once you have received orders from your supporters, you may enter them individually and the system will keep track of your orders and provide summary reports and individual reports.

Click on the “New Group Order” button to place an order.

ORDERED BY: Please enter the name of the supporter or recipient of the shopping cards in the text box.

NOTES: You may choose to enter some notes such as a classroom number, student name, teacher name, division, team etc. This will help identify the recipient. You may use this information to run incentive programs for those divisions that order the most card etc.


Simply enter the quantity of each card ordered by the individual shopper. Once you have completed the entry, click on the “Save/ Recalculate” button, and then click on “Back To Summary” if you wish to review the entry.

Once you become comfortable with the ordering process, you may add all entries and then review them later. To enter all orders first, simply click on “Add New Entry” after selecting the quantities of cards for each individual order. Once you have entered all orders individually, click on “Back To Summary” to review the order summary.

Please review the individual order amounts carefully and ensure that the funds you have received from each supporter matches the amount shown on this summary screen. The total amount displayed is before rebates are applied.

If it appears that one of the individual orders is incorrect or missing some information, simply click on details next to the entry. This will take you to the Individual order page where you may edit the entry. Once you have modified the entry, please click on the “Save/Recalculate” button to save your changes.

If you wish to delete an individual entry on the summary page, click on details next to the entry.

Add more individual supporter orders to an open group order

Please note that you may edit, delete or modify each entry at any time before final submission. You may also add new individual supporter entries to an existing open order at any time. The order will remain open until you submit the order. On the main order centre page under the heading Unsubmitted Group Orders, simply click on details next to the order that you would like to modify. Then simply add new entries or make any modifications as outlined above.

Submit a Group Order

Once you have entered all individual supporter orders, please click on the “Submit Order” page on the order Summary or Group Order Details page.

You will be presented with a Shopping Cart screen, which will summarize all shopping cards entered on this particular order. Please review the Total Amount Before Shipping, Handling & Taxes, and compare it to the funds that you have received from all supporters. The total amount displayed is before rebates. The REBATES EARNED amount displayed is the amount that your group has earned on this bulk or group order.

Next click on the “Check Out” button.

The CHECKOUT page shows the order summary as on the previous page, and the group shipping and billing details that we have in our system. To edit the billing information, please edit the appropriate information. To edit the shipping information, please click on the check mark in the box “Same As Billing Information” and then changed the information. If any of the address information should be changed for future orders as well please login to your main group account and Edit the profile. This will ensure that the address will be changed on all future shopping card orders.

Next click on the “Continue” button.

The CHECKOUT PAYMENT page shows the order summary again and allows you to select the shipping method. To pick up your bulk or group order for free, simply check the button. Free pick up is only available at our Vancouver offices at:

Progressive Fundraising
For all other delivery options please see the shipping amount.

This page will also show the Rebates Earned and deduct them from the amount that you have collected from your supporters for a final amount indicated as PAY AMOUNT.

This page also shows your billing and shipping information again. Please ensure that they are accurate.

You will also need to select a METHOD OF PAYMENT.

To deposit a cheque at any TD/Canada Trust branch, simply click on the circle next to this option and then make a cheque payable to Progressive Fundraising in the amount indicated above as the PAY AMOUNT. Also, please write the order number on the front of the cheque. The order number will be displayed on the next screen.

To pay using Internet Banking, simply click on the circle next to this option. To pay via internet banking you must have a bank account at any Canadian bank or credit union. Select Progressive Fundraising as the payee and enter your Progressive account number. If you require an account number, please contact Progressive Fundraising at:

Progressive Fundraising
Phone: 604.267.9570
Toll-Free: 1.888.267.9570

Next click on the “Complete Order” button.

Check Status of a group order

To REVIEW THE STATUS OF AN ORDER OR TO REVIEW YOUR ORDER HISTORY, please click on the “Order Centre” button. Any unsubmitted group orders are displayed by date first and then orders that have been submitted for processing and shipment are displayed next under ORDER HISTORY. Please note that orders submitted within the last 30 days are displayed automatically. If you wish to review older orders, please select the date range and click the “GO” button.

The STATUS of each order is displayed next to each order:

PENDING status indicates that we have received your order.
APPROVED status indicates that we have received your order, and payment, and we are preparing your order. If you selected Free pick up as your delivery option, please do not come to pick up your order until your order status indicates SHIPPED.
SHIPPED status indicates that we have shipped your order or your order is ready for pick up if this is the delivery method you selected.
DECLINED status indicates that we are holding your order due to payment issues.
CANCELLED status indicates that your order will not be processed and shipped.

Print an order receipt

To PRINT an order receipt the order must be submitted first and appear in the ORDER HISTORY list in the Order Centre. To view the order centre click on the “Order Centre” button. Next click on the details image next to the order you wish to print. Then simply click the “Print Order” button. The order summary is printed first and then each individual supporter order details are printed.

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