We strongly recommend that you create an account with ShopFunds and link your reloadable card to your group. This ensures that your group will earn rebates everytime you reload your card.

If you have already created a ShopFunds account and have linked your card to your group(s) RELOAD YOUR CARD NOW This will direct you to our partners at ESI Fundraising Network where you will reload your card safely and securely. (Please note that the following retailer cards cannot be reloaded online but must be loaded at the respective store(s): IGA Marketplace)

If you have already created a Shopfunds account and would like to add more cards to your account, LOGIN TO LINK NEW CARDS TO YOUR FUNDRAISING GROUP.

If you have not created an account with us and would like to link your reloadable cards with your fundraising group, CREATE A SHOPFUNDS ACCOUNT NOW.

Why Create a ShopFunds Account?

When you create a ShopFunds account you may choose up to five groups and select the distribution of your funds to each group. You may change your groups or the distribution of your fundraising rebates at any time.

When you create a ShopFunds account, you can earn credit for your fundraising rebate which can be directly associated with you or your family. Many clubs and schools apply 100% or a portion of the individual family fundraising rebate to lower family annual club fees, school/club trip expenses or annual school tuition fees. This can all be calculated and reported by Progressive. Please note that some clubs and schools choose to put all fundraising into one general pot of funds and it is not individually segregated.

When you create an account you also gain access to our online shopping mall which lets you earn online rebates for your group(s).

Another benefit when you register is our reporting tool. You can see just how much you have earned for your groups!

Please review our Privacy Policy for information about your registration.

Why Link Reloadable Cards to a Fundraising Group?

When you register your reloadable shopping card with us, your group earns funds every time you reload your card. If you do not create a ShopFunds account and then register your shopping card, we cannot apply the fundraising rebate to your group.

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