Welcome to the new ShopFunds Shopping Card Ordering Centre. Click on any of the options below for step by step instructions:

Enter a new shopping card order
Submit and Pay for your shopping card order
Shipping Terms and Conditions
Check Status of your order
Print an order receipt

Enter a new Individual order

The following are step by step instructions for placing a shopping card order.

Click on the “New Order” button to place an order.

Ordered For: From the drop down list, please select the Group that will receive the rewards that you generate. You will also pick up your order from this group's location. If you do not see your group please select a group now and then return to the shopping card ordering centre.

Notes: You may choose to enter some notes such as a classroom number, student name, teacher name, division, team etc. Your group may ask you to include some information in this section.


Simply enter the quantity of each card you wish to order. Once you have completed your order, click on the "Confirm Order" button at the top or at the bottom of your shopping list.

If you need to change a quantity simply modify the number of cards in the QTY box, and click on the Recalculate button. To delete a line item, simply check the box below X and click on the Recalculate button. When you are ready to move to the billing page, click on the Check Out button.

Carefully review the items that you are ordering, the group name listed, and your billing information. You may change billing information now. To submit your order for processing, click on the Check Out button.

You have now submitted your order to the group administrator responsible for placing your order. You will receive an email confirming your submitted order. If you wish, you may print the order as well.

Submit and Pay for your shopping card order

After you have submitted your order to the group coordinator, the coordinator will ensure that all payments have been made and will approve the orders for processing by ShopFunds. You will receive an email indicating that the order was submitted for processing.

Please pay the TOTAL AMOUNT indicated to your Group. Please ensure that your cheque is payable to your group, not ShopFunds. We encourage all groups to accept payment via internet banking email because of the speed and ease of payment. If your group accepts email payment, please ensure that your order number is noted in your email payment. Please check with your group coordinator to determine the various payment methods available to you. Please note that most groups cannot accept credit card or debit card payment because the merchant fees associated with credit and debit cards would reduce the rewards that your group receives and in some cases would exceed the rewards.

Shipping Terms and Conditions

At this time we cannot ship directly to you. All card orders must be picked up at your group's location. When ShopFunds ships your order to your group you will receive a final email. Please allow two business days for delivery or confirm with your group coordinator.

Check Status of your order

To REVIEW THE STATUS OF AN ORDER OR TO REVIEW YOUR ORDER HISTORY, please login to your account. Any unsubmitted orders are displayed by date first and then orders that have been submitted for processing and shipment are displayed next under ORDER HISTORY. Please note that orders submitted within the last 30 days are displayed automatically. If you wish to review older orders, please select the date range and click the “GO” button.

The STATUS of each order is displayed next to each order:

PENDING status indicates that your group coordinator has received your order.
APPROVED status indicates that your coordinator has submitted your order to ShopFunds and we are preparing your order.
SHIPPED status indicates that your order has been shipped.
DECLINED or CANCELLED status indicates that your order will not be processed and shipped.

Print an order receipt

To PRINT an order receipt the order must be submitted first and appear in the ORDER HISTORY list in the Order Centre. Next click on the details image next to the order you wish to print. Then simply click the “Print Order” button.

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